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About Us

Our wide selection of affordable, custom blinds are perfectly styled to match any range of interior design. We understand the importance of how light enters your room and the effects this has on the overall atmosphere; an effect that the right blinds can uniquely control. We have an exciting range of colours, fabrics and styles to provide you with one of the most visually pleasing and practical ways to enhance the look and feel of any room in your home.

Our friendly advisors are available to provide expert advice on any of your requirements. So to request a free, no obligation consultation in your home, call now!!

See how new blinds from Discounted Blinds can transform your interior. Your window is much more than a pane of glass that invites light into your room and provides a view outside.

Each and every one is an unique picture of the world around you just waiting to be framed to create your very own personal work of art.


Birmingham Blinds is one of the premier blinds company in the Midlands and we're confident we will come to you with everything needed to develop the interior of your dreams.

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